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© 2016 Freelife Soap Co.


It's funny how we can be surrounded by something our entire life and not realize the impact it has on us, or how it shapes our thoughts and emotions. We smell the sweet aroma of fresh baked cookies or hear a song on the radio, and immediately we're taken back to a special time or place we've stored away in our memories.

Soap is one of those things that has always been right under my nose (pun intended), but I had no idea how it was impacting my life. I've always been drawn to the allure of a good smelling, good looking, good-for-your skin, bar of soap. While some people find their indulgences in expensive jewelry or a good book, you can find me strolling the isles of the farmers' market or local health food stores, examining, smelling and practically drooling over the artisan soaps. Being an artist myself, and working in the photography industry for over 10 years, I am naturally drawn to the beauty I see around me. And I am passionate about creating beautiful things that bring people joy. So starting a soap business seemed like a natural extension of what I've already been doing for years through photography. But it wasn't until I was well into the start-up of this business, that my dad brought something to my attention. He said, "It's funny that you are making soap, of all things!" Right at that moment, the lightbulb went off! I hadn't thought of it before, but suddenly this unexplainable lure of soap made sense!


My mom worked in a soap factory for over 30 years (along with several members of my family)! They made expensive, high quality, specialty soaps for several large, well known cosmetic companies. My entire childhood was surrounded by the sweet, fresh smells of soap. Every day my mom would come home from work smelling like she just stepped out of a spa. And on occasion, when the employees were allowed to buy the boxes of scraps, she would bring them home and it made me feel like a kid at Christmastime. It's crazy how some things leave an imprint on you, even when you don't realize it. 

But why soap  exclusively for men? Why not just make soap for everyone? Well, frankly, we saw a need and wanted to fill it. My husband and the men in my life have always loved great smelling, good for you soaps and grooming products too, but honestly, there's just not a lot out there for them. So, out of a desire to give men a great product that is good for them, makes them happy, and out of a passion to 'live life free' by doing what I love... FreeLife Soap Co. was born!

Michelle McKibben